The answers to these questions could determine your best tax outcome.

Entity Type

S-Corp, C-corp, LLC – Which one is right for me?

Capital Gains

Am I eligible for reduced or no capital gains tax via the Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)?

Tax Credits

Which tax credits can help fund my start-up business?

Tax Deductions

Which tax credits is my company eligible for and how much will these save me in tax liability?

Retirement Benefits

Am I maximizing the 20% Section 199a deduction?


Am I taking advantage of the retirement benefits, such as 401k or profit-sharing plan?

State & Local Tax

Am I up-to-date on the complexities of state and local taxation?

International Tax

International tax – Do I have a thorough understanding of IRS reporting requirements?

Individual Tax Planning

Have I considered creating a 5-10 year tax plan?

Individual Retirement

What are the factors to consider whether to convert my 401k or IRA to a Roth IRA?

Individual Estates & Trusts

Changes are coming to estate and gift tax planning – am I prepared?

Individual Tax Deductions

Have I considered a donor-advised fund to maximize my charitable tax deduction?

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