Job Costing

How is my job costing system affecting my bottom line?


Am I looking to improve my bonding ability and capacity?


What are the best ways to add new revenue streams?


Am I aware of the various tax accounting methods available to contractors that help defer tax payments into the future?

Tax Compliance

Am I in compliance with construction tax matters, such as lookback interest?

State & Local Tax

When is the last time I checked my company’s compliance with state and local tax laws? 

Tax Deductions

Which tax deductions specific to the construction industry have I taken advantage of recently?

Tax Credits

Am I receiving tax credits for design, engineering, or process improvements?

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Tax Credits

Am I receiving research and development tax credits for designing new technologies, applications, and process improvements?

Tax Deductions

Am I maximizing the 20% Section 199a deduction?


What are the key financial ratios to monitor the growth and profitability of my business?

Business Entity

Am I currently using the best entity type for my business?

State & Local Tax

Am I up-to-date on the complexities of state and local taxation and economic nexus? 

Foreign Operatios

Have I completed a transfer pricing study for my foreign subsidiaries?


Have I considered offshore resources for growing my business?

Transition Planning

Am I eligible for Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock when selling my company?





What are my options when it comes to retirement / profit sharing planning?

What is the most economically-sound way to transition my practice?


How do I improve cost containment?  

Do I prepare an annual budget?

Do I compare my monthly performance to my budget?

Revenue Cycles

Do I have a process for optimizing my revenue cycle and management plan?


How can I become more profitable?

How do my costs compare to my competitors?

Receivable Management

Am I computing my daily utilization percentages every day by provider?

Insurance Management

Do I have the right payor and patient mix contracts?

Tax Planning

Does my Q4 planning consider the factors impacting my current tax situation (i.e. equipment, purchases, bonuses, collections, retirement)?

Compensation & Bonuses

Do I have a formalized comp model for physicians and non-physicians, and what is it based on?




Compliance Plan

Do I have a government contract compliance plan?

Is my accounting system DCAA compliant?


Does my time tracking system integrate with my accounting system?

Financial Statements

Am I submitting the appropriate financial statements in compliance with revenue thresholds?


Have I reviewed the 8(a) excessive income and distribution compliance?

Site Rates

Am I leaving money on the table by not separating on-site and off-site rates?


Am I listed on all the appropriate award databases – such as SAM, GSA, etc?

Pricing Models

Do I have forward pricing models?

Tax Credits

Are my government contracts eligible for research and development tax credits?