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Impact of 2020 Election on Taxes & The Economy (Whitepaper) -

02 November, 2020
Impact of 2020 Election on Taxes & The Economy (Whitepaper) -

Brace for Economic and Tax Uncertainty After the 2020 Election

No matter who wins, talk to advisors and CPAs about planning and preparation.

The next six months will bring a period of uncertainty. Businesses and individuals must plan to react to the many changes in taxes, stimulus plans, Covid-19 disruptions, tax laws, estate laws, and other laws and regulations based on 2020 election results. This article should not serve as legal advice – companies should plan to consult with attorneys, CPAs, investment advisors, insurance advisors, and others. Regardless of the election results, there will be big changes. Sources of systemic change include:

  1. Tax Proposals: Income and Capital Gain
  2. Estate Planning
  3. Accelerating or Deferring Incomes or Deductions
  4. The Wider Economy
  5. State and Local Tax (SALT)
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Planning for Increased Economic Activity
  8. PPP Loan Forgiveness

Click below to access our comprehensive analysis on taxes and the economic landscape following the 2020 election.