Reportable Tax Position Schedule Expansion

June 23, 2020

Large private companies will soon have to deal with an added compliance burden, the Reportable Tax Position (RTP) schedule is set to apply to all large companies from 1 July 2020 (ie the 2020-21 income tax year). The reportable tax position (RTP) schedule is a schedule to the company income tax return and requires large businesses to disclose their most contestable and material tax positions.

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Foreign Residents And The Main Residence Exemption

June 23, 2020

Foreign residents beware, laws have been passed to restrict your access to claim the CGT main residence exemption on the sale of your home, except in some limited circumstances. This applies to any person that is not an Australian resident for tax purposes at the time of disposal (ie when the contract is signed to sell the property).

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Reporting US Single Member LLCs with Foreign Ownership

July 25, 2018
Single Member LLC
Reporting your foreign owned single member LLC will be different going forward.

By Bethany Bouw, CPA

If you are a foreign person who has a US single member LLC, there are some new developments that you should be aware of for tax year 2017. Reporting policies regarding foreign ownership of single-member LLCs have recently changed. First and foremost, it is important to know your status – US or foreign. To determine this, you should check the IRS rules and contact a lawyer.

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International Tax Technical Update- July 2018

July 18, 2018

What is BEAT?

Enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA), the new “base erosion and anti-abuse tax” (BEAT) can apply to certain corporations that make “base erosion payments” paid or accrued in taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017. Read more

International Tax Technical Update- June 2018

June 21, 2018

IRS Offers Limited Relief to Certain Taxpayers Subject to the Section 965 Transition Tax

June 2018


On June 4, 2018, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it will provide penalty relief to certain taxpayers subject to the Section 965 transition tax, and provided additional information for individuals subject to the Section 965 transition tax regarding the due date for relevant elections. Read more

Foreign Reporting: Changing Landscape for Forgetful Filers

June 21, 2018
Foreign Reporting

Changes are on the way for anyone who misses a foreign tax filing deadline.

By Bethany Bouw, CPA

Big changes are coming for those who have missed a foreign filing requirement. As we have previously noted, there are a variety of procedures for becoming compliant. One of those methods will soon be closing, and this may signal additional changes on the horizon. Read more

Royal Wedding Excitement for the IRS

May 3, 2018
Royal Wedding

International marriages may be full of romance, but they also lead to complex tax situations that not even royals are immune to.

By Bethany Bouw

Many young, American women perhaps used to imagine what it might be like to marry a prince and live in a faraway kingdom. As the news has been widely covering, one American is about to have that dream come true.  While Meghan Markle prepares for her new fairytale life, she will also be facing the many tax pitfalls of an international marriage. Even those who marry their foreign “prince” and move abroad will have to consider some of the same situations Ms. Markle must now deal with. Here are ten tips for those who, like Ms. Markle, will marry a non-resident and non-citizen, and move abroad. Read more

How do I Prove US Residency for Foreign Purposes?

May 1, 2018

US Residency
Proving your US residency for tax purposes is a lot more complicated than showing your passport or ID.

By Bethany Bouw

Often when doing business or living overseas, foreign countries ask people to prove that they are US residents for tax purposes to eliminate or reduce foreign tax withholding. You may need residency certification to claim tax treaty benefits or exemptions from value added tax (VAT). Doing so is not as simple as showing a copy of your driver’s license or other government issued identification. Instead, there is an important process you must follow to obtain the proper documents which prove your US residency to foreign jurisdictions.

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International Tax Technical Update- April 2018

April 12, 2018



On February 13, 2018, the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (collectively, “Treasury”) issued Rev. Proc. 2018-17 (the “Rev. Proc.”).  The Rev. Proc. provides additional guidance under Section 965, Treatment of deferred foreign income upon transition to participation exemption system of taxation, as amended by the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act,” which was enacted on December 22, 2017.  In particular, the Rev. Proc. provides guidance regarding certain changes in Section 965 specified foreign corporations’ tax years. Read more