From time to time companies considering purchasing or acquiring another company to increase market share, expand into new geographies or expand the product portfolio. When an opportunity presents itself, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity from multiple perspectives. In these situations, Ryan & Wetmore’s assurance team conducts due diligence procedures to provide comprehensive information about all dimensions of the opportunity.

Our experienced team of professionals can assist buyers, investors, private equity firms and others in developing the due diligence approach that best meets their needs. Whether the emphasis is on financial, operational or other issues, our goal is to enhance the client’s understanding of the target by providing critical insights into the target’s business.

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Is your company looking to acquire another business? Don’t enter into an agreement until you have conducted comprehensive due diligence on the target company! For more information on our due diligence services, please contact us at (301) 585-0506, or click here to email us. During a brief consultation, we can assess your needs and determine the best way for us to assist you.