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DoD and Small Business Barriers: A New Opportunity to Win More Contracts

Key Details: The Department of Defense (DoD) issued a notice in the Federal Register on September 8th, 2021. The notice requests comments and insight from small businesses with the overall goal of learning about the barriers to entry for small businesses looking for federal contracts. The result the DoD hopes to attain will be to remove these barriers for small businesses.  

Does the DoD Have a Timeline for Small Business Barriers Comments?

The DoD is specifically requesting comments from small business contractors who are a part of the defense industrial base. They are also requesting comments from small business contractors who are looking to become a part of it. Comments are due October 25th, 2021 and will be used by the DoD and the Biden Administration to lower these barriers to entry. The DoD hopes that by removing this administrative red tape, promising small business contractors will have a better chance of winning more government contracts.  

Why Now?

Many small business contractors have taken a hard hit due to the pandemic, lowering the number of contracts awarded to them. In a recent survey, the National Defense Industrial Association found that four out of five small businesses have been impacted in some way by the pandemic. The DoD awarded around $80 billion to small businesses last year, but the number of small businesses that work with the DoD has been steadily decreasing over the past decade.  

What Type of Questions Will the DoD Ask?

The DoD is requesting comments on 11 different topic areas. These topics range from requesting policy recommendations to foster more resilient supply chains and greater small business participation during the procurement process, to identifying regulations that may strain the relationship between the DoD and small business contractors. Other topics the DoD has requested feedback on can be found here.  


This request for feedback provides small business contractors with the unique opportunity to directly communicate any challenges they are currently facing during their procurement of DoD contracts. Small business contractors who are interested in providing feedback need to do so by October 25th. Comments can be submitted via the Federal eRulemaking Portal here. Regardless of whether interested parties decide to submit comments, small business contractors can follow this federal register item in anticipation of the DoD releasing a future report that summarizes the feedback received.  

For more information and to view the DoD’s press release, click here

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