Buy/Sell agreements are often times meant to determine how business interest or ownership will transition once a specific set of circumstances has occurred. In most cases, these events include death, disability, divorce, shareholder retirement or forced shareholder separation. Without such an agreement in place, these situations can create significant issues for shareholders and even threaten the future security of the business. For this reason, it’s essential to develop a comprehensive buy/sell agreement that addresses several situations under which the orderly transition of business shares is to be sold. Ryan & Wetmore has years of experience working with companies to develop agreements that meet the needs and concerns of the shareholder group. In addition, we also work with companies to review existing buy/sell agreements.

Our Buy/Sell Agreement Process Evaluates

There are a number of factors to consider when creating or updating a buy/sell agreement which includes:

Formula Price
Triggering Events
Tax Considerations

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Do you own a business with multiple shareholders? Do you have a plan that outlines under what circumstances shareholders are to exit the business? If not then you should consider developing a buy/sell agreement immediately! For additional information on our buy/sell agreement services, please contact us at (301) 585-0506, or click here to email us. We are happy to schedule a comprehensive consultation to review your situation and determine the best path to pursue.