Year-End Strategies to Reduce AGI

September 24, 2019

Adjusted gross income (AGI) is used as a threshold for phaseout provisions that can cut back or eliminate certain tax breaks. Here are AGI-reduction strategies – five short-term and five long-term – that are worth considering. In addition to lowering your federal income tax bill, these ideas might reduce state income taxes, self-employment taxes and exposure to 3.8% net investment income tax

Reducing your current-year adjusted gross income (AGI) is usually a tax-smart idea. Here are ten ways to reduce your AGI (and modified AGI) over the short and long run. Read more

Achieve Sustainable Cost Cutting At Your Organization

July 6, 2017

Taking costs out of a business can be deceptively easy to do — at least initially. Cutting low-hanging fruit such as providing coffee in break rooms, consulting services, laying off temporary employees or removing a layer of management can result in considerable savings. However, these savings are often not sustainable. Slowly but surely, decisions will be made by front line employees and managers alike that add costs back into the business. Within short order, many companies find themselves back in the exact same place they were before the costs were cut; only now employee morale has suffered and there is a general resistance or apathy to cost cutting throughout the organization.

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