Tessa Lucero-Bennett

Senior Manager


  • Middle-market companies
  • Mergers and aquistions (M&A)
  • Government contracting


With over 22+ years of experience in public and corporate accounting, Tessa Lucero-Bennett is a highly skilled Senior Manager at Ryan and Wetmore. Tessa has been with the firm since 2009 and specializes in assisting middle-market companies with their various audit and accounting (A&A) business needs. In addition to managing complex A&A projects, Tessa is Ryan and Wetmore’s M&A expert and spends much of her days equipping clients with in-depth business analyses and transactional advisory support, ensuring that clients are prepared to transition throughout the different stages of their business’s lifecycle.

As a Senior Manager, Tessa’s responsibilities range from traditional accounting and tax services to complex consulting-related projects. Her industry areas of expertise include government contracting, construction, technology, and M&A. Furthermore, Tessa is known by her clients to provide extremely thorough support in regard to business planning, financial forecasting, benchmarking, internal controls assessing, and financial training for top management levels.

In her role, Tessa remains proactive and is willing to take initiative when working with clients or staff members. She enjoys providing opportunities for staff to grow while also continuously being able to meet her clients’ needs. Tessa’s clients enjoy working with Tessa because she takes the time to personally get to know each of them, which in turn, allows her to better serve them. Even outside the (virtual) office, Tessa is proactive.  She enjoys playing tennis and piano; exercising; reading to expand her (non-accounting) knowledge; and spending time with her family and kids. Hence, it is no surprise that Tessa is inspired by the simple yet famous Nike slogan:

“Just do it.”


Prior to working at Ryan and Wetmore, Tessa led corporate accounting and regional internal audit departments for several respected international and U.S. publicly traded companies in the homebuilding and manufacturing industries. Before Tessa became a CPA, she worked in the biotechnology industry for 10 years as a regulatory affairs/quality assurance professional.  She managed teams responsible for ensuring compliance with FDA standards for conducting nonclinical laboratory studies of drug products.


  • B.S. Biological Sciences – Purdue University
  • M.B.A. – George Washington University

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