A sad fact is that fraud occurs every day and the victims are often unaware until significant problems arise. Unfortunately, the risks of fraud and major losses associated with it are a threat to every company. Ryan & Wetmore’s team of forensic accountants and fraud examiners understand how to examine evidence and identify patterns of fraud throughout the organization. We conduct thorough financial and operational investigations to determine if fraud is occurring and by what process it is happening. Once identified our professionals work to document and quantify all the losses incurred.

Each year we work with many companies and attorneys supporting their fraud cases. As a result we understand the stress and unique pressures a fraud investigation exerts on management and other stakeholders.

Our Fraud Investigation Services

Ryan & Wetmore works with many types of organizations including privately-held companies, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. Our fraud investigation services include:

Financial Statement Misrepresentation
Misappropriation of Funds
Non-Profit Fraud
Criminal Tax Controversy
Vendor Fraud

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Do you think there may be fraudulent activities occurring in your company? If yes, then seek legal counsel. Ryan & Wetmore can assist in an investigation to determine whether such activities have occurred in the past or are currently ongoing. For more information on our fraud investigation services, please contact us at (301) 585-0506, or click here to email us. During an initial consultation, we can assess the situation and provide next steps for launching an investigation.