On occasion companies are involved in business transactions that require specific procedures to reach the desired level of assurance. In these situations, Ryan & Wetmore’s assurance team works with the client to identify the appropriate agreed upon procedures to reach the desired level of assurance. This approach allows us to focus on key risk areas resulting in a custom tailored engagement that address your key concerns.

Our Agreed Upon Procedure Engagements

Many situations are appropriate for an agreed upon procedure engagement whether the objective is to provide information to banks, regulators, investors, or other stakeholders. Our Agreed Upon Procedures services include:

Accounts Receivable/Payroll Processes
Benefit Claims Audit
Due Diligence on Buying/Selling a Business
Employer Compliance/Payroll Audits
Indirect Cost Rate Structures
Compliance with Regulations & Contracts

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Is your company in a situation where agreed upon procedures are required? If so, then contact us today. For more information on our compilation and review services, please contact us at (301) 585-0506, or click here to email us. During a brief consultation we can assess your needs and determine the best way for us to assist you.